Looking for the best alternative for Canny?

Helppie is the alternative of canny

There are many products in the market like canny, which solves more than what we want.
Whereas helppie is simple and get the job done in less amount.

canny vs helppie
Canny Helppie.me
Installation Canny primarily supports custom pages, where the user has to go and provide the feedback. Keep in mind that the user has to leave your website to give feedback. Helppie is a widget-based product, all you have to do is install it on your site and you are done. Users don't have to leave your website to give feedback.
Pricing Canny is way too expensive for a simple job (collecting features requests and issues). It cost you $50 per month. Helppie is way cheaper than any other product. It's free up to 25 submissions per month and then $25 per month for unlimited submissions.
Features Canny doesn't support different languages or they are working on adding. Supports screen recording, so that your users can show what exactly going wrong in your application.

Helppie supports all major languages like French, Spanish, Russian, etc
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